Vemate Premium: All You Need to Know

4 min readMar 17, 2023

Vemate has come a long way since the first app version was released in April last year. It has become a robust solution for VeVe users who require specialized tools in their collection building. Now, the next step for the project is here, and it’s Vemate Premium.

The Why

While we’d be happy to provide everything the Vemate app has to offer free of charge, Vemate is a crypto project that has certain obligations to its investors as per the provisions outlined in the whitepaper. Among other things, they describe the business model for Stage 1, which is the Vemate app you know now.

At the same time, we believe that we have devised a fair model that takes into account VeVe users’ background and will leave the core audience of the Vemate app satisfied. Ultimately, introducing Premium will enable us to bring even more value to the core user base by introducing new and even more valuable and powerful features. Depending on the complexity of the user feedback and its viability, it can take between 2 weeks and 2 months to have a certain feature implemented.

The What

Vemate Premium is a term for a set of specific features that will be accessible only to Premium users. The requirement for obtaining Premium is holding at least $100 in VMT or $200 in OMI tokens. As long as you have these tokens in your wallet, you will always have access to Premium. No hidden charges or anything like that.

Premium features will be as follows:

  • Mint Alarms
  • Price Alarms
  • Auctions Details
  • Collection Import
  • Multiple Mint Adding Option

The How

To give you a better idea of how Premium will work, here’s a quick rundown.

If you don’t have Premium, this is what you will see when trying to access a Premium feature.

If you’re interested in getting Premium, you will see detailed instructions upon clicking Learn More or the dedicated section on your dashboard.

Basically, you need to ensure you have either $100 in VMT or $200 in OMI in your wallet and then connect that wallet.

When you connect your wallet for the first time, the number of tokens will be recorded for future reference. In the event that the actual token price drops below the $100/$200, we will use the initial token number to validate your Premium. If you have the same token amount or higher, you will still keep Premium even if the tokens are valued below the minimum threshold. Your Premium access will undergo automatic validation every 12 hours, with no additional inputs from you.

After connecting your wallet, you’ll be able to see whether you have Premium. If the right wallet was connected, you’ll see the exact amount of VMT or OMI tokens in the USD equivalent and a confirmation that you have Premium. If you connected the wrong wallet and need to connect a different one, or want to disconnect your current one, you can do that too.

The Apple of It All

Unfortunately, to comply with Apple Guidelines, we have to restrict usage of the iOS version of the mobile app to Premium users only. That means that you’ll need to get Premium to keep using the iOS app. But how would you get Premium if you can’t use the app at all? Well, here’s a good answer.

The Bonus

Along with Premium, we have launched the Vemate Web app. It works the same way as the mobile app you’re used to, except on a desktop or mobile browser. We stealth-launched it awhile ago and have been testing it extensively since then. You may like it so much that you’ll forget about your mobile app altogether! Either way, it’s good to have options. Among other things, the web app is where you’ll be able to get Premium if you want to keep using your iOS app. Here’s a sneak peek!

The New Chapter

We are beyond excited about this next step in the Vemate project, which will let us bring even more value to our core user base and lay down a solid foundation for Stage 2 of the project. We hope that our Vemate app has been a valuable companion for you, and you will want to stick with it by getting Premium now that it’s available. See you on the other side!