Benefits of holding the Vemate token

2 min readApr 14, 2022

The Vemate project is amongst the few projects in the crypto space that delivers a real world asset before fundraising. Our mobile app will be pre-released on the market before we will hold our pre-sales.

Vemate token holders will have several advantages:

Phase 1 Utility:

– Freemium Access to the Vemate App surprise function for holders who have a certain minimum amount of tokens in their wallet; (With the exception of regular, fastest on the market, floor price updates, accessing every other feature will require holding Vemate tokens);

– The possibility to purchase Vemate premium phase 1 functions will be provided to Vemate token minimum amount holders as well as further discounts on subsequent planned premium options which will be available to purchase using the Vemate token, that will enable certain “powers” and “game-changing” features of the App.

– Access to the Vemate App premium features will be provided via several Crypto payment options, therefore significant discounts are available for users who pay with the Vemate token.

Phase 2 Utility:

Besides the condition of holding Vemate tokens in order to have the ability to access Freemium features and to be able to purchase Premium features using the Vemate tokens as payment, there are a large number of planned token utilities in the pipeline for its users. Some of these are the following:

– Partner real-world to NFT conversion projects will be accessible using the Vemate token as payment — more details will be supplied in due course;

– Phase 2 Vemate will also require users to hold the token in order to access some Premium services and functions. Furthermore the marketplace fee of 2% per NFT transaction carried out will be payable in Vemate tokens;

– Phase 2 utilities will be much more varied than exemplified above and it will involve the use of the Vemate token for the NFT project launchpad planned by Vemate as well as for use with many of our partners who will be accepting Vemate as payment for their services and products.

– Staked tokens will receive a discount on our NFT marketplace;

– Secret features that can be unlocked as a Staker or Holder;

– Important contests and airdrops for holders;

– Surprise gifts for certain levels;

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